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Windows XP Professional Evocodename 2 x86 32 Bits

Windows XP Professional Evocodename 2 x86  32 Bits

Основанная на продолжении EvoCodeName ® , больше чем 150 Обновлений к Windows, работает стабильно всё баги и неполадки убраны!Последняя из своего вида!

For those who do not know how far it has only 2 purposes:
TrueTransparency and ViStart being activated by default. These are the transparencies in the windows as well as the Start menu of Vista.
If you do not like or do not have a PC that can disable and endurance properly re-enable them when you want it from Start> Extras EvoCodeName2
Notably, the ViStart has manufacturing defects often work well and others do not is a matter of each.It is recommended that if you want the Start automatically TrueTransparency always get by right-clicking on its icon next to the time this way is that auto insurance starts.

Important Notes:
Eliminated components of an XP: Practically Nothing (only Center for Security Aides Viewer (search and the dog in the Office) Installation of prior versions and Asian Languages)

Drivers: ALL of the XP + Drivers Sata

Duration of the installation: 1 hour (depending on features Approx. of your PC)

User interaction: Only spoke in the partitioning

System Architecture: x86-based 32-Bit

Installation Method: Only Boot, CD Meter> Restart> Push Button

Method to burn the image onto a CD ISO 700MB of good quality

****** Of Corporate GOLD (you can upgrade without any problem)

The programs included are auto installed or if it is to say that if we installed it without asking anything, I think we are all the basics that we use in an OS and we do not serve the uninstalled.

New Options And Utilities Extras inside Start Programs:

Visual environment Totally RENEWED no more icons of the view that we see in practically ALL neglected.
Ability to Choose the icon that it is to have all our folders.
Integrated components of XP Extras:
Suppressor Windows Search
Visual C + + 2005 SP1
Visual C + + 2008 SP1
Subsequent updates to SP3 to date
New Control Panel with more Options
NET Framework 1.1 sp1
NET Framework 2.0 sp2
NET Framework 3.0 sp2
Net Framework 3.5 sp1
Package Language Net Framework 1.1 sp1
Package Language Net Framework 2.0 sp2
Package Language Net Framework 3.0 sp2
Package Language Net Framework 3.5 sp1
Silverlight 2.0.31005.0
IE7 + Updates
WMP11 + Updates
7Zip 4.57
Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX
Adobe Flash Player Plugin
Adobe Reader 9 Spanish
CCleaner 2.14
WinRar 3.70
VLC 0.9.6
XnView 1.95.4
Java 6 Update 10
TuneUp 2008
Messenger 8.5 Plus Modified
Aero Winamp
ThumbView 1.0
Unlocker 1.8.7
QT Lite 2.6.0
Real Alternative Lite 1.8.2
RightClick Converter
DeepBurner v
DeepRipper v 1.1
Windows Live Scanner
Windows Vista Sound Pack
Notepad 2
MovieMaker 2.96
Frequently asked questions:

That difference has with its previous version:
* Virtually all, more speed, a new visual style, ability to install up to 256, Ram among other things.

Because a CD and a DVD does not like the previous one:
* This time it was thought at the time by people who do not have LectoGrabadora DVD and have no system to bring new and reliable.

* Pay attention not because it is a CD has more Phased Things, on the contrary has all the same things or more original than the previous one is not only integrated all the drivers before.

It would to you that this system after you install it:
* In my opinion, just missing putting our drivers because it only brings the common XP and then choose an edition of Office, if you want an antivirus and ready to use it.

It is appropriate to update frequently:
* The truth these people to Microsoft and is passed. SP3 comes out today and tomorrow there are 40 new Updates jajaja I would recommend you wait just to leave a good amount of updates that the next version will already be included.

MD-5: 855ac2292937c3735447c0e3ea9b3cee
Размер: 696.2 MB

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