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Alcohol 120% 5.0 Blu-Ray

Alcohol 120% 5.0 Blu-Ray

Наконец то досупен Alcohol 120% 5.0 Blu-Ray !Alcohol 120% является программой эмуляции и записи CD,DVD и Blu-Ray дисков ! Позволяет пользователям копировать не защищенные и защищенные диски.
Запись CD и DVD улучшена ! Создавайте носитель с информацией фото, и MP3 это не имеет значения независимо CD, DVD или Blu-Ray диск ! Теперь с финальным выпуском Alcohol 120% 5.0 Blu-Ray возможно все !
Теперь Alcohol 120% 5.0 Blu-Ray поддерживает форматы ISO, BIN, NRG, MDS, CCD, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWA, B5T, B6T, ISZ, PDI !
New! Burning any Datenzusammenstellungenmit the Xtra Wizard
New! Photo and MP3 media with the Xtra Wizard burn
New! Support for the latest type burner (Blu-ray, single, double, dual-layer DVDs)
New! Faster and more stable Reading / Writing engine, and Dumping / Burning engine
New! Enlarged firing Buffer: 256 MB for 32-bit systems, up to 1024 MB buffer for 64-bit systems
WINNERS! Up to 31 virtual CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives
Burns more than one medium at the same time: copying like mad!

The first time, Alcohol 120% apart from the world's best copy function due to a comprehensive burning and backing up
Data, video and music. With the new Xtra Wizard make your own discs and media, and burn
directly to the medium of your choice or save it as an image file. You need no other burning software more.
Alcohol 120% 5.0 - the complete burning suite.

Alcohol Virtual DVD / CD - WINNERS
The best software for virtual drives, regardless of the software disks, videos, games and music!
With the Virtual-Drive-functionality of Alcohol 120% you can up to 31 virtual drives, create and your valuable
Original CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays to leave home. The virtual disks retain all common image formats. Whether this with Alcohol 120% were created by other burning software or the Web.

ОС: Microsoft Windows Vista / XP
Лекарство: serial
Язык: English , German
Размер: 9 Mb

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Aвтор: zmey002 | 16 марта 2009 | Просмотров: 682 | Комментариев: 0

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