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ImagineFX – The Ultimate Workshop Collection DVD

ImagineFX – The Ultimate Workshop Collection DVD

На этом диске вы найдете не только пошаговые руководство от художников, но и их многослойные файлы в высоком разрешении, пользовательские кисти, текстуры, фото и видео. Вы узнаете новые методы цифрового искусства и получите представление о фундаментальных навыков искусства от анатомии композиции.

Welcome to the 50 best workshops from the past 50 issues of ImagineFX. The team and I have hand-picked this selection of workshops from the best digital artists working today. Just like in the ImagineFX magazine, we’ve got some unmissable advice from a host of leading concept artists, art directors, video game and comic artists… a mix of talent that you just can’t get anywhere else.

On this disc you’ll find not only step-by-step guidance from these artists, but also their high-res layered files, custom brushes, textures, photo references and videos, too. You’ll learn new digital art techniques and will also gain insight into fundamental art skills from anatomy to composition.

I have no doubt that after you’ve worked your way through these workshops, you’ll have honed new skills and will become a more versatile artist. Let me know how you get on.


1. Core art skills
-Anatomy for beginners 1
-Anatomy for beginners 2
-20 rules of composition
-Character speed painting
-Liberate your colours
-Painting perfect skin
-Know your values
-Expand your creativity
-Killing creative block
-Create a one-hour monster

2. Comics & manga
-Creating colourful manga
-Creating fantasy manga
-Get to grips with panels
-Making a manga heroine
-Manga character illustration
-Original comic covers
-Sci-fi mech art

3. Fantasy creations
-Beauty out of chaos
-Classic fantasy art
-Enchanting visions
-Mix techniques in a CG illustration
-Monster creations
-No fear to create
-Painting a faerie scene
-Spellbinding portraits
-Terror from the deep

4. Sci-fi visions
-Creating 3d illustrations
-First snow
-It came from beyond space
-Making fantastic flying machines
-Old-school sci-fi portraits
-Photorealistic sci-fi paintings
-Quick martian concepts
-Robot concepts
-Starting from scratch
-Visual storytelling

5. Environments
-A Guide to colour mixing
-Cast doubt aside
-Creating an environment from chaos
-Dramatic environments
-Environmental Concept Art
-Illustrate an epic space battle
-Painterly matte paints
-The End of the world

6. Gothic & Horror
-Creepy gothic characters
-Dark fantasy figures
-Drawn of the dead
-Macabre card art
-Painting nightmares
-The Chaos Theory

ImagineFX – The Ultimate Workshop Collection DVD ImagineFX – The Ultimate Workshop Collection DVD ImagineFX – The Ultimate Workshop Collection DVD

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Год: 2016
Язык: английский
Формат: mp4, psd
Размер: 4.11 GB








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