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Программа для изучения скелета человека в потрясающей 3D графике.

A teaching and learning tool for medical professionals, students and anyone who is interested in skeletal anatomy. BoneLab is a useful tool based on the integrated human 3D skeleton model with the highest level of detail presently available. Students can interact with the 3D model and create new views, colorize it, add annotations and comments and save it. Instructors can use BoneLab to teach and present anatomical content to students and patients, using predefined views.

A dictionary of annotation words is automatically maintained and helps to quickly access all views related to a specific anatomical term. By adding views and annotations, the personalized dictionary will grow and will adapt to individual anatomical content, language and learning habits.

The BoneLab user interface is view-centric like Google Earth's. Very compact view files can be exchanged and distributed to other BoneLab users, which makes it a valuable tool for collaboration and distance learning.

With BoneLab you can study each aspect of the human skeleton and add your own annotations.

The program can run under Windows Vista in compatibility mode with Windows XP (SP2 or higher).

Here are some key features of "BoneLab":

· A skeletal model with 275 parts of bones, teeth, disks and costal cartilage is integrated.

· Optional colorization for instant visual identification.

· All parts are stored with correct Latin and English names.

· The integrated online browser provides instant Wikipedia lookup for anatomical terms.

· BoneLab comes with more than 60 annotated example views.

· Create your own views, add labels and comments for presentation, sharing with colleagues, students and peers.


· 512 MB system memory
· A 3D accelerated graphics adapter capable of displaying 32-bit color
· Wheel mouse recommended

Homepage - http://www.nextd.com/bonelab.asp
OS requirements for BoneLab: OS: WinXP
Minimum requirements: DirectX 9.0c
Languages: English
Size/Размер: 14.1 MB

Download|Скачать BoneLab

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