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DesignProVideo - Photoshop CS4 101 Core Photoshop CS4

DesignProVideo - Photoshop CS4 101 Core Photoshop CS4

Производитель: DesignProView
Год выпуска: 2008
Автор: Jim Kanter
Язык: английский
Продолжительность: 7.5 ч

Видео кодек: SVQ3, Sorenson Video 3
Видео: QuickTime (.MOV), 768 x 576
Аудио: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Описание на Анг.яз.:
For decades, Photoshop has been the industry-standard software used for computer graphics and photo manipulation - and with the release of Adobe CS4, it's now better than ever! In this comprehensive 5-hour tutorial-video, you'll learn everything you need to know to confidently make and re-touch amazing images with Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Veteran trainer and certified Adobe product expert Jim Kanter demonstrates important tips and tricks for working with layers, applying Photoshop's built-in effects to change and manipulate images, using Paths & Masks, working with Erasers & Brushes, and so much more. Along the way, you'll learn important workflow techniques for retouching photographs to improve contrast and color, while removing unwanted artifacts from your images.
As a personal note, I (Martin Sitter) have been using Photoshop for close to 20 years. I've used it almost daily in the process of writing books, creating DVD-Videos, or making graphics for things like this web site. As I watched this tutorial I was blown away by the amount of stuff I never knew about Photoshop.
Jim Kanter is without a doubt one of the best educators in the Nonlinear Educating roster, and I can confidently say that if you're interested in getting the most out of Photoshop, you need to watch this tutorial. It is incredibly detailed, has a logical flow, and IMHO is one of the best titles we've ever released, either at designProVideo.com or macProVideo.com.
This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch it all. Use the search functions and detailed menus to quickly find important topics - that's the essence of Nonlinear Educating using N.E.D.!

Chapter 1: Part 1
Section 1: Interface Overview
01 Introduction
02 Interface Overview
03 Customizing Menus
04 Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
05 Customizing Panel Layouts
06 Saving A Custom Workspace
07 Working With Panels
08 Customizing Panels
09 Panel Keyboard Shortcuts
10 Cross-Platform Workspaces
11 Windows Vs. Mac Documents
12 The Document Window
13 Using The Rotate Tool
14 Multiple Document Windows
15 Consoli<!--filter:(Реклама вырезана!)-->(Реклама вырезана!)-->(Реклама вырезана!)<!--/filter--> Windows
16 Tiling Windows
17 Match Zoom & Location
18 Using The Zoom Tool
19 Toggling Zoom States
20 Zooming To The Pixel Level
21 Using The Hand Tool
22 Space Bar Toggles Hand Tool!
23 Using the Navigator
24 Using A Mouse Scroll Wheel
25 Using Grids
26 Using Rulers
27 Setting The Ruler Origin
28 Using Guides
29 Precisely Locating Guides
30 Locking Guides
31 Guides Tricks
Section 2: Instant Gratification
32 Auto Color Correction
33 Using Variations
34 Shadows & Highlights
35 Fading Changes
Section 3: Using Bridge - Overview
36 Bridge Overview
37 Navigating Bridge
38 Previewing Content
39 Using Metadata
40 Organizing With Collections
Section 4: Creating New Documents
41 Choosing a Document Preset
42 Creating Custom Presets
43 Image Size & Resolution
44 Color Mode & Depth
45 Choosing A Background
46 Advanced Document Settings
47 Saving Custom Presets
Section 5: Selection Tools
48 Selection Tool Overview
49 QuickMask Mode
50 Selection Tool Key Commands
51 Hiding Selection Edges
52 Selections & Layers
53 Selecting The Wrong Layer
54 Sampling All Layers
55 Feathering & Anti-Aliasing
56 Marquee Tools Overview
57 Row & Column Marquees
58 Squares, Circles, & Centering
59 Lasso & Polygonal Lasso
60 Lassos In Action
61 Magnetic Lasso
62 Quick Selection Tool
63 Magic Wand
64 De-, Re-, & Inverse Selections
Section 6: Crop and Straighten
65 Simple Crop
66 Manual Crop and Straighten
67 Auto Crop and Straighten
68 Crop a Specific Shape or Size
69 Crop and Correct Perspective
Section 7: Moving Pixels Around
70 Cutting and Moving Pixels
71 Moving Copies of Pixels
72 Copying and Pasting Pixels
73 Moving Pixels between Documents
74 Layer Panel Interface
Section 8: Layer Basics
75 Layer Types
76 The Background Layer
77 Background To Regular Layer
78 Creating Regular Layers
79 Duplicating Layers
80 Deleting Layers
81 Layer Groups
82 Layer Masks
83 Layer Versions
84 Blending Modes
Section 9: Painting Tools
85 Painting Tools Overview
86 Painting Cursor Preferences
87 Drawing Straight Lines
88 Brush Diameter and Hardness
89 Paint Blend Modes
90 Brush Opacity
91 Brush Flow
92 Airbrush Mode
93 Paint Bucket
Chapter 2: Part 2
Section 10: Gradient Tools
94 Gradients Overview
95 Gradient Presets
96 Gradient Types
97 Gradient Painting Modes
98 Reverse & Transparency
99 Dithering Gradients
100 Gradient Editor Overview
101 Editing Gradient Colors
102 Editing Gradient Transparency
103 Noise Gradients
104 Saving Gradients
Section 11: Erasers
105 Erasers Overview
106 Magic Eraser
107 Eraser Tool
108 Erase To History
109 Background Eraser Tool
Section 12: Tool Presets
110 Preset Manager
111 Changing Presets
Section 13: Using Strokes
112 Stroke Overview
113 Stroking a Selection
114 Stroking a Layer
115 Stroking a Path
Section 14: Using Fills
116 Filling with Color
117 Fill With Fore / Background
118 Fading A Fill
119 Fill With A Pattern
120 Fill From History
Section 15: Working with Patterns
121 Choosing a Pattern Preset
122 Filling with a Pattern
123 Healing Brush and Patterns
124 Patch Tool and Patterns
125 Creating a Raster Pattern
126 New Vector Shape Pattern
127 Saving Presets
Section 16: Pattern Stamp Tool
128 Pattern Stamp Tool Basics
129 Pattern Alignment
130 Impressionist Mode
Section 17: The History Panel
131 History Panel Overview
132 Undo and Redo
133 Stepping Back and Forward
134 Using Snapshots
135 History Edit State
Chapter 3: Part 3
Section 18: Creative Editing Tricks
136 Removing Red Eye
137 Clone Stamp Basics
138 Spot Healing Brush
139 Healing Brush
140 Patch Tool
Section 19: Advanced Brush Controls
141 Brush Presets
142 Creating Brushes from Pixels
143 Creating Brushes from Vector Shapes
144 Brushes Panel
145 Customizing Brush Tips
146 Shape Dynamics
147 Scattering
148 Color Dynamics
Section 20: Advanced Selection Techniques
149 Compound Selections
150 Painting Selections in Quick Mask
151 Partial Selections with Gradients
152 Saving Selections
153 Fine Tuning Selections in Channels
154 Loading Selections
155 Expand and Contract Selections
156 Feathering Selections
157 Selection Borders
158 Selection Smoothing
159 Refining Edges
Section 21: More Layer Techniques
160 Layer Locks
161 Smart Object Basics
162 Layer Masks
163 Clipping Masks
164 Layer Styles Basics
165 Rasterizing Layers
166 Color Fill Layers
167 Gradient Fill Layers
168 Pattern Fill Layers
169 Adjustment Layers Basics
Section 22: Working with Filters
170 Applying Filters
171 Reapplying Filters
172 Using the Filter Gallery
173 Using Smart Filters
174 3rd Party Filters
175 Creating Text
176 Basic Text Formatting
177 Character Panel
178 Paragraph Text
179 Warping Text
180 Find, Replace, and Spell Check

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