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Advanced Encryption Package Professional 2009 v5.0.1

Advanced Encryption Package Professional 2009 v5.0.1

Advanced Encryption Package Professional 2009 v5.0.1 - Программа для надежного шифрования файлов. На выбор один из известных 20 алгоритмов (Rijndael, TWOFISH, BLOWISH, CAST, MARS, TEA и др.). Возможность надежно удалять файлы без возможности их последующего восстановления. Возможность сжатия всех файлов в один ZIP файл и последующей шифровки его. Возможность пересылать файлы через ваш почтовый клиент. Шифрование файлов из контекстного меню проводника. Полная поддержка интерфейса командной строки. Поддерживается интерфейс на русском языке.

• Easy in use
• Handy interface
• Skins support!
• Ability to encrypt text to send it safely via your e-mail or chat program like Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat, ICQ, AOL Messenger, Microsoft Messenger and etc.
• Ability to encrypt files
• Ability to send encrypted files via Internet
• Statistically impregnable against brute force attacks (at least 1032 billions years for the fastest computer in existence to break the key - the age of the universe is 1018 billions years). For encryption and protection your important documents, AEP2007 uses 4 strong encryption algorithms: Blowfish, Rijndael, CAST, DESX.
• Full .ZIP support AEP2007 can browse for existing .zip archives, extract its contents and even create new .zip archives!
• Built in file shredder - i.e. wiping the contents of the original pre-encrypted file beyond recovery to make sure that not even a trace remains after shredding. (matching and exceeding the specifications of the U.S. Department of Defense) to stop hardware recovery tools.
• Built in compression of files to reduce size in transmission
• No "back door" in the software - No access possible under any circumstances. If you do not remember the password you cannot access the encrypted contents. There is no special procedure, secret code, or hidden entry method to fall back on.
• AEP2007 encrypts every kind of file on every kind of medium, whether floppy disk, removable hard drive, zip drive, tape drive or other
• Ability to make self-decrypting files for sending to people who do not have AEP2007. The program can be used to create self-extracting files. The recipient can unlock the data by just starting the self-extracting file within Windows and entering the combination.
• The only requirement for self-extracting files is that the recipients must be running some form of Microsoft Windows. All they need is a key to access the contents i.e. a totally secure system is possible without any modification of existing mail systems using any mail system that supports file attachments.
• AEP2007 integrates itself into Windows (TM) Explorer, thus, you can encrypt/decrypt/shred files directly from Windows Explorer window using Explorer's context menu.

Операционная система: Windows® XP/Vista
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Дом. страница: www.secureaction.com
Размер: 8 MB
Лекарство: Присутствует

Aвтор: ilnar111 | 17 мая 2009 | Просмотров: 372 | Комментариев: 0

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